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Boost Your Phone Calls by 391%

Imagine if you could…
Find more of your best customers online at a lower cost
Know the exact search keywords they use instead of wasting thousands of dollars
on guessing games
Tailor every online message to entice your most important segments of buyers to
pick up the phone and call.
Track all your PPC call conversions directly in: Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, and Yahoo Search Marketing.
Track your phone call conversions in Google Analytics from most of your PPC, SEO, Social Media, and offline advertising sources.
With Bionic Click, you can.

Our solutions help you clearly translate your customers’ online search behavior into offline sales. With ground-breaking technology, keyword-level call tracking, focused dynamic landing pages, and exclusive intelligence from all the major search engines Bionic Click puts the power of offline conversion tracking at your finger tips.

Now, you can link your customers online search habits with their offline call behavior. You’ll get exact keyword, search phrase, and landing page data from all of your PPC and/or SEO campaigns so you know exactly what drives phone calls and what doesn’t. And the best part? All results are reported directly into your analytics programs so there is no need to waste precious time learning new interfaces!

Add to that call tracking & monitoring tools found nowhere else, and you’ll harness more powerful results that will increase your online ROI immediately.

Our strategic partnerships with the best search marketing professionals in the world are testimony to our revolutionary technology. And our solutions-focused business model ensures your success.

Ask us what we can do for you today! Call now 877.788.9902!

“…When we have a client that sees 20% or more of their conversions coming in as phone calls, we require they use Bionic Click to track those calls as conversions. It helps us…” more
Kristie McDonald

"Bionic Click lets us see exactly which keywords and ads are behind our phone call sales. It helps us place our ad "bets" with confidence; without it we'd be flying blind!"
Cosmo Corigliano
VP of Sales

“…With Bionic Click, advertisers can find out, more quickly and with more accuracy, which ad dollars are wasted and which are pure gold. It's an indispensable tool!” more
Mark Widawer
West Hills Web

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