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The Bionic Click Difference
Though there are many other good call tracking and keyword conversion companies out there, Bionic Click is the only resource that is a complete call conversion solution.

Instead of just providing you with keyword or ad tracking data for phone call conversions, Bionic Click focuses on the complete conversion path your customers travel giving you:
A holistic view of exactly which keywords, ads, landing pages, and conversion tools on your site are getting you the greatest results.
Results of your offline phone call conversions reported directly back into your Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, and Yahoo Search Marketing accounts. Plus, phone call conversions reported in Google Analytics for most of your PPC, SEO, Social media, and offline traffic sources.
Dynamic Landing Page technology which allows you to dynamically change your website content to match exact keywords and search phrases your potential customers use. You’ll experience increased conversions and quality scores at a lower Cost Per Click (CPC).
How Does It Work?
Using advanced algorithms and tracking methods, Bionic Click intelligently tracks each visitor by using a combination of JavaScript code and dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology. The click path is integrated with session and cookie data to provide a complete picture of overall click-through to conversion performance. In addition, Bionic Click’s advanced Dynamic Landing Page framework changes your webpage content to match the keyword and ad verbiage your potential customers click on which plays a vital role in creating explosive results at a lower cost for you.
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