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Bionic Click’s ultimate goal is to provide you with explosive business results. All of our solutions are designed to help you identify how well your online marketing strategies are making your phone ring…
AND…to provide you with critical data and specific steps you can take to continually increase ROI.

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Find out exactly how your customers’ search online and what makes them pick up the phone and call you. With Bionic Click’s proprietary technology, you will:
Increase ROI on your PPC and SEO campaigns in all search engines by identifying which specific search keywords, phrases, ad copy, and landing pages are driving phone calls and adjust spending patterns to those highest performers.
Optimize your Google Adwords account via Google Conversion Optimizer because the Bionic Click technology reports phone conversions back into Google Adwords.
Know which pages searchers are on in your website when they pick up the phone and call you.
Track all your PPC call conversions directly in: Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, and Yahoo Search Marketing. No need to learn a new programming interface!
Track your phone call conversions in Google Analytics from most of your PPC, SEO, Social Media, and offline advertising sources.
Receive “smart strategies” based upon your tracking results to help you make better, marketing spend decisions to continually improve ROI. Some of the reports you will
receive in our conversion “deep dive” on your tracking
results include:
# of calls for each keyword, text ad and landing page
First clicked keywords, last clicked keywords, and assisted keywords leading to conversion
Average number of clicks and impressions on the path to conversion
Length of time between first visit and conversion
Cost per conversion
Landing page headlines & copy effectiveness
Landing page images effectiveness
Landing page conversion tool effectiveness
Are your visitors clicking and running? Are they easily finding the information they want once they get to your site? Or do they turn away confused?

Research shows conversions dramatically increase by keeping the path from keyword to text ad to landing page congruent….meaning your chances for conversion dramatically increase when those different points all speak the exact same language.

But how can you possibly make your website match hundreds or even thousands of different variations in text ad copy or keyword strings? Bionic Click’s Dynamic Landing Page technology makes it a snap! And the best part is…you don’t have to worry about programming nightmares to implement.

Bionic Click’s Dynamic Landing Page platform
helps you:
Deliver targeted messages by displaying relevant keywords, phrases, brands, and logos on your landing page which match each visitor’s search phrase.
Reduce your bounce rates and increase your revenue by dynamically changing your landing page to match the messaging in your text ads.
Identify how many clicks it takes a visitor to call you and where in your site they convert in order to optimize the experience and get more conversions faster.
It’s like virtually holding your customer’s hand through
the sales process to get them to where they need and
want to go.
With Call Tracking and Monitoring, you will:
Optimize your ad budgets in all media vehicles (both online and offline) by identifying which ad vehicles, campaigns, and promotions are driving the most calls.
Increase your sales by regularly reviewing inbound telemarketing effectiveness and isolating employee training and sales improvement opportunities.
For every call the Bionic Click Call Tracking & Monitoring System Gives You:
Caller ID & Zip Code, Call Date & Time, Call Duration, and More!
Online and Offline Ad Campaigns which drove the call
Keyword associated with the User
Ability to tag and rate calls based upon customer type, lead type, call type, etc…classified for your business
Ability to access the call while in progress to enter important customer and lead nurturing information
Ability to email calls to sales reps and managers and flag calls for follow-up

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